With Gratitude and Joy

I’m enjoying the daily affirmation challenge. I’ve been posting affirmations daily on my Instagram. Check them out HERE. I randomly picked the affirmations to make the graphics beforehand. It’s amazing how they each are a message I need to hear that particular day. For example, Saturday’s affirmation read…


This past week was rough. I have been dealing with an angry parent of a student. I finally realized this lady is upset with everyone. Instead of taking it personally I reminded myself of these phrases: I choose to be happy. I choose joy. I choose to rest. I am strong. I am capable. I am a professional. I will overcome.

And Friday’s affirmation was…


Which reminds me of something I’ve thought the last few years. To be grateful everyday not just on Thanksgiving. Let’s start and end our day with gratitude and reflect on our joys.

This week I want to challenge myself to start a gratitude journal. Write 3 things each day that you are grateful for. Join me and share using #SparkWithinMe


Remember to
-Let your light shine.


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