With Gratitude and Joy

I’m enjoying the daily affirmation challenge. I’ve been posting affirmations daily on my Instagram. Check them out HERE. I randomly picked the affirmations to make the graphics beforehand. It’s amazing how they each are a message I need to hear that particular day. For example, Saturday’s affirmation read…


This past week was rough. I have been dealing with an angry parent of a student. I finally realized this lady is upset with everyone. Instead of taking it personally I reminded myself of these phrases: I choose to be happy. I choose joy. I choose to rest. I am strong. I am capable. I am a professional. I will overcome.

And Friday’s affirmation was…


Which reminds me of something I’ve thought the last few years. To be grateful everyday not just on Thanksgiving. Let’s start and end our day with gratitude and reflect on our joys.

This week I want to challenge myself to start a gratitude journal. Write 3 things each day that you are grateful for. Join me and share using #SparkWithinMe


Remember to
-Let your light shine.


Make today great

There is something awesome in every moment. Look for that awesomeness today. 

Don’t focus on the negative but look for the positive. 

-Over slept. You got rest. 

-It’s Monday and you have to go to work. You have a job.

You can make today great by looking for the awesome. 
-Let your light shine. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts

I strive everyday to dwell on positive thoughts. My goal with this blog, at the moment, is to inspire and motivate others to find their spark within themselves and become the best version of themselves.

Last year I found myself watching several Periscope broadcasts particularly ones that spoke on daily affirmations. I was drawn to this positive energy. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for over 6 years now. Sometimes daily it is difficult to see the good or focus on positive thoughts.  I started to name everyday last summer a positive word which helped tremendously to focus on the good. Going back to the daily affirmations, I like the idea behind it.  Repeating positive affirmations to yourself you then start to believe them. I resisted to use affirmations because I didn’t think I deserved the positive self talk. This is false information! You do deserve these positive thoughts. This is why I’m challenging myself this month to recital and post an affirmation daily. I want to challenge myself by writing the phrase down in a few places so I’ll see it throughout the day.

I invite you to join me in the challenge. You are more than welcome to repost my affirmations I have made and will be sharing on my Instagram everyday.

Sharing using the #SparkWithinMe

-Let your light shine

Setting Goals

The August Blog Challenge and writing a post everyday was a challenge. Looking ahead to a new month, I want to continue the habit of setting monthly goals.

When I started on Periscope a year ago, I discovered women sharing daily affirmations. This practice inspired me. My daily mission is to have a positive attitude and to share that with others. What better way to start or end your day with positive thoughts than reciting positive affirmations.

For the month of September I will be sharing a weekly affirmation. I plan to post it on my Instagram and blog about it on Mondays.

Do you use affirmations in your daily routine? Share your favorite with #SWMBlogChallenge and #SparkWithinMe

-Let your light shine!


Currently right now this month

Loving summer dresses
Eating cantaloupe
Drinking berry cider from Shale Creek Brewery
Watching Stranger Things on Netflix
Going to Sam’s Club
Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Playing Pandora on repeat
Celebrating that I survived my first week back to work
Listening to praise and worship music
Buying from Sweet Olive
Pinning inspirational quotes
Planning September affirmations

August currently

What are your August favorites? Share using #SWMBlogChallenge

-Let your light shine

Moments in Life

need God

It’s been great to get back into a routine and back to work. I’ve started a new habit of working ahead with lesson plans for the week. As a Speech Pathologist, I like to have lesson plans for each group. In the past, I would often start lesson plans but they fall to the waste side as the school year went on. However, I’ve noticed I’m more productive and confident when I’m prepared for EVERY group. I’m also saving the lesson plans. In the past, I wrote it on a scrap piece of paper and threw it away at the end of the week. I want to keep them all in hopes it will help me plan in the future. I hope to continue the habit and made this year the best one yet!

It’s been interesting this month with the blog challenge. I wanted to post EVERYDAY which has been the most challenging. I’ve had fun with the prompts. I wish I would have started scheduling the post more in advance. I’m sad I didn’t post on time but they got done 🙂 I’ve learned a lot and realized I can’t post everyday. I like having the post scheduled and having a promotional post on Instagram by 9am. In the future I would like to post once maybe twice a week.

I’ve learned from these high and low moments this month. What did you learn this month from your high and low moments? Share with #SWMBlogChallenge

-Let your light shine!


Summer Days


I enjoyed sitting on my back porch working on a bible study. Each week I made a new batch of summertime sun tea. I had a great routine of getting up at a reasonable hour and being productive before noon. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and 2 birthdays.


Joey and I went on vacation to South Haven Michigan. We had an amazing time and hope to go back soon. Went to two county fairs, and got ready to going back to school. Enjoyed participating in more PeriGirls activities throughout the day.


Back to school. My fifth year as a school Speech Pathologist is off to a great start. I’ve been staying late to prep for the day ahead which pays off the following day. I’m more productive and organized this year. I hope to continue this routine. The SWMBlogChallenge has been challenging but haven’t missed a prompt. I will share more about that later.


What did you do this summer? Continue the conversation #SWMBlogChallenge

-Let your light shine