Fill your life with adventure

In an earlier post you learned I want to visit all 50 states. Among that here are 5 locations I would like to visit.

Crater Lake in Oregon. My sister went on a road trip this summer and saw the magnificent Crater Lake. Her pictures were gorgeous! I would love to see it in person!

crater lake

Another location my sister saw was the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to the Badlands and the beautiful Black Hills in South Dakota but I would also love to see God’s artwork in Arizona.

NGS Picture Id:2275630

I love the smell of pineapple and would love to visit a pineapple plantation in Hawaii.

pineapple plantation

My husband and I both would love to visit Europe someday. I would love tour a castle in Germany.


Another place in Europe I would love to visit is Paris and put a love lock on the bridge.

Locked-in Syndrome


Where would you like to visit? Share using #SWMBlogChallenge


No matter where you go…

-Let your light shine


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