Day in the life

Day in the life of Amanda Smith a School Speech Language Pathologist, PeriGirl leader, wife and dog mom on Tuesday, August 23rd.

5:45 first alarm sounds, hit the snooze
6:00 hit the snooze button
6:15 hit the snooze button again
6:30 still hitting the snooze button
7:00 turn off my alarm, check Instagram
7:00-7:30 run around like a mad woman to get ready, snapchat trying green juice (follow me at iamasmith)
7:50 leave for work
8:00 arrive at work
8:00-8:05 check email
8:05 pick up my first group of students
8:05-10:45 back to back speech groups
10:45-11:00 check in with Heart Tribes and Slack, prep for the afternoon
11:00-11:30 eat lunch and try to relax
11:30-2:15 back to back speech groups
2:15-2:30 prep for a speech walk in student
2:30-3:00 speech group
3:00-4:30 General Intervention Team meeting
4:30- 6:30 prep for the next day
6:30 leave school and drive home
6:45 arrive home
6:45-7:30 grab dinner and watch YouTube vlogs
7:30-9:30 hubby gets home and I watch shows on the DVR.
9:30-9:45 shower and get ready for bed
9:45-10:00 get ready for the PeriGirls Pass the Cast event
10:00-10:30 Pass the Cast
10:30-11:00 watch HeartTribes scopes and check the group’s thread.
11:00 head to bed to get up and do it all again

What’s something you do every day? Do you have a daily routine? Share using #SWMBlogChallenge

-Let your light shine


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