Creating family traditions

When we got married I was excited about starting our own family traditions. 

One of those traditions we started is buying a Christmas ornament that sums up our year. It’s fun trying to find a new one each Christmas. 

I look forward to expanding our family and creating more traditions. 

What are some of your family traditions? Did you bring any of your childhood traditions to your own family? 

What’s something you are looking forward to? 

-Let your light shine 


One thought on “Creating family traditions

  1. I love this tradition! We buy Christmas ornaments when we travel as a way of saying “We were here, together!” I love the idea of one ornament to sum things up! We also do a crafty night. Make paper chains, make ornaments. I have a blog post somewhere about Samuel being able to communicate “I feel lonely” when I kept pulling out ornaments from past years and telling stories and he didn’t hear his name attached to ornaments and stories. We made sure he would never feel lonely around the Christmas tree again! Katherine will soon take her ornament collection off our tree as she begins creating her adult life… and family… I love having friends like you who I can point to for her. Makes me so happy.

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