The Struggle is Real

The struggle is real…it sure is. I started my blog on WordPress because I liked the scheduling aspect. “Then why aren’t you using it AMANDA!”

Procrastination is my weakness. I’ve struggled with it since college. I remember putting off a 10 page paper in college for a history class. Pulled an all nighter to finish it. It got worse in grad school and I started having anxiety attacks. A project or task would become so overwhelming that I felt like I couldn’t even begin. Therefore it lead to me putting it off until the last minute. I would tell myself “oh you work better under pressure.” I think I do however only to an extent. The stress grew until began having panic attacks. I would hyperventilate to the point where I would pass out because I was freaking out so much. 

I still struggle with procrastinating but I like to think I manage it better now. This is a quote I like to read often when I have a big project or task at work that I keep putting off.  

 I also have recently started using a to do list to break down a large project into smaller manageable pieces. That way I can pace myself and not get overwhelmed by the huge pile in front of me. My goal each day is to complete 2-3 things on the to do list. I often will force myself to stay at work until it’s done. It’s really helped me to stay focused and less stressed. I feel productive and accomplished. 

What is something you struggle with? Do you procrastinate as well? Share using #SWMblogchallenge 


-Let your light shine 


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