Seeking rest after a long week

After a long first week back to school/work, I was excited to sleep in on Saturday. 

Saturday My hubby doesn’t like to sit around. He’s always looking for a project or something to do. We ran errands to get supplies for a project and got a few groceries. He worked all day Sunday putting new flooring in our master bath. 

Sunday we slept in again until 10am. Hubby made me French toast for breakfast while I started laundry. On the weekends we usually do the laundry and clean the house. Surprisingly yesterday I didn’t take a nap. 

Sundays I spend time planning for my week ahead. Last night I decorated 2 weeks. I love this time to myself. 

I have enjoyed watching some of the Olympics this weekend after the opening ceremony on Friday. 

Both Friday and Sunday evenings I have meetings with PeriGirls leadership and Heart Tribes. I’m grateful for the girl time with these wonderful women each week! 

The highlight of my weekend was rest. 

How was your weekend? Share with me using #SWMBlogChallenge. 

-Let your light shine. 


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