My blogging story

I enjoy reading blogs when I don’t have a book with me. I never thought I would become a blogger because I not the best writer or proofreader. Well…never say never.

This past spring I was in a journal accountability group with some other PeriGirls. They inspired me to start a blog after I watched two of them start their own. I set the goal for summer break when I would have more free time. Right away I started a list of blog post ideas.  I researched on Pinterest to find tips on starting a blog. Yes, Pinterest 🙂 I knew I wanted to use WordPress because I liked the user-friendly format and the ability to schedule posts. Julie Jordan Scott, a fellow blogger, inspired me through her #5for5braindump challenge to brainstorm blog names and content.

Thanks to these ladies I was able to get my blog off the ground!

In life, I try to look at the good and be more positive in my daily life so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my blog. I know it will be a struggle at times to keep up with writing but I want to continue blogging as my family grows. I wanted a blog name that would be general enough to move with me but yet have meaning behind it.

nothing can dimI found this quote during my search. Nothing can dim the light which shines from within by Maya Angelou. In our world and day to day life, there are a lot of things that press in on us and try to dull our light. On those dark days it’s hard to see the light but it’s important to remember nothing can dull our sparkle. Don’t ever dull your light, you were made to shine.

Don’t ever dull your light, you were made to shine.

Are you a blogger? What’s the story behind your blog? I would love for you to share. Use #SWMBlogChallenge

-Let your light shine.


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