Setting Goals

I never have been one to intentionally set goals. After my husband and I got married he came to me one evening asking me what my 2 and 5 year goals were for our family. I was a little taken back because I hadn’t thought of it in depth. After a long discussion we set out goals for our future.

I always hated being asked the question in high school and college “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I wanted to scream “I DON’T KNOW! Can you tell me where I’ll be?”

Well it wasn’t until recently I calmed down and started setting goals for myself. Thanks to a group of women (the PeriGirls Heart Tribes) and accountability partners, I’ve set goals to work towards.

image1Now I’m starting to set weekly goals along with monthly goals. My goal for August to is complete this blog challenge without missing a day. As well as posting on Instagram twice a day. I would also like to broadcast on Periscope to tie in some of my blog posts and introduce more people to Spark Within Me.

Do you set monthly goals? If so, what is your goal for the month of August?

Remember to …
-Let your light shine


6 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. I love setting goals and reaching goals and all of it really, but sometimes I rebel because I think “why bother, I just screw up all the time, anyway…” but changing my attitude and having fun with it has made all the difference (which I mention in my blog post for today.)

    Also – your graphic includes a Joe Vitale quote. He was a guest on my radio show back when I had a radio show!

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  2. I am loving how you are tying the PeriGirls and Heart Tribes 2.0 into your Blog Posts! I am also enjoying getting a little more insight into your life! I am famous for knowing long term goals and not short term goals beyond the day and what I need to get accomplished on a given day. I definitely need to work on my goal setting! 🙂


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