Hello there! I’m Amanda Smith a School Speech Language Pathologist, PeriGirl Leader, Planner girl, and Blogger. You can read 20 random facts about me here. But I love a challenge and this month will certainly be one.


Today I’m starting my 5th year at an Elementary School as a Speech Language Pathologist. I absolutely love my job and working with young students. I enjoy seeing them grow over the school year.

I joined Periscope last summer after seeing several posts on Instagram. I wanted to see what all the talk was about. Within 48 hours of joining, I stumbled upon the PeriGirls. A sisterhood of women sharing tips and training to empower other women to step into their power. I watched one of their Pass the Cast events and knew I needed to join the group. Their positive vibes and encouragement inspired me. Soon after participating in a Pass the Cast myself, they asked me to join the Leadership team. Over the past year, I have learned so much about myself. I’ve grown as a leader, become a blogger, and motivated to inspire others. I’m now the Project Manager of Pass the Cast and weekly help organize the events. I scope daily with the Heart Tribes which is a subset of the PeriGirls. A group of hard core PeriGirls.

The Spring of 2015 I found the planner world on Instagram. I love looking at different types of planners and the way people decorate theirs. Last fall I finally bought my first planner,  a Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner. I love sitting down each week to decorate it. It’s a way I can be creative as well as get organized for the week. I enjoy posting my weekly spread on Instagram (@MsAmandaSmith11)

I will share my blogging story more later (on day 3).

Want to join me for the month of August? Start here

-Let your light shine



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