Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Can you guess my favorite season?

After a very hot summer, I always look forward to cooler weather. Wearing jeans, sweaters, blanket scarves, and boots…yes please. I love ordering pumpkin spice lattes and drinking hot apple cider. Apple picking, carving pumpkins, fall colors, and tailgating. This list could go on and on. 🙂

fall quote


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Fill your life with adventure

In an earlier post you learned I want to visit all 50 states. Among that here are 5 locations I would like to visit.

Crater Lake in Oregon. My sister went on a road trip this summer and saw the magnificent Crater Lake. Her pictures were gorgeous! I would love to see it in person!

crater lake

Another location my sister saw was the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to the Badlands and the beautiful Black Hills in South Dakota but I would also love to see God’s artwork in Arizona.

NGS Picture Id:2275630

I love the smell of pineapple and would love to visit a pineapple plantation in Hawaii.

pineapple plantation

My husband and I both would love to visit Europe someday. I would love tour a castle in Germany.


Another place in Europe I would love to visit is Paris and put a love lock on the bridge.

Locked-in Syndrome


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No matter where you go…

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Earlier this spring when I first saw the preview for ABC’s new fall TV show, Speechless, I was ecstatic.

Check out the official trailer HERE

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I would with a variety of students to improve their communication skills. It’s excited to see a teen using a devices on TV.

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Day in the life

Day in the life of Amanda Smith a School Speech Language Pathologist, PeriGirl leader, wife and dog mom on Tuesday, August 23rd.

5:45 first alarm sounds, hit the snooze
6:00 hit the snooze button
6:15 hit the snooze button again
6:30 still hitting the snooze button
7:00 turn off my alarm, check Instagram
7:00-7:30 run around like a mad woman to get ready, snapchat trying green juice (follow me at iamasmith)
7:50 leave for work
8:00 arrive at work
8:00-8:05 check email
8:05 pick up my first group of students
8:05-10:45 back to back speech groups
10:45-11:00 check in with Heart Tribes and Slack, prep for the afternoon
11:00-11:30 eat lunch and try to relax
11:30-2:15 back to back speech groups
2:15-2:30 prep for a speech walk in student
2:30-3:00 speech group
3:00-4:30 General Intervention Team meeting
4:30- 6:30 prep for the next day
6:30 leave school and drive home
6:45 arrive home
6:45-7:30 grab dinner and watch YouTube vlogs
7:30-9:30 hubby gets home and I watch shows on the DVR.
9:30-9:45 shower and get ready for bed
9:45-10:00 get ready for the PeriGirls Pass the Cast event
10:00-10:30 Pass the Cast
10:30-11:00 watch HeartTribes scopes and check the group’s thread.
11:00 head to bed to get up and do it all again

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Learn from my mistake

What better way to learn then from my blogging mistake.

I love the scheduling figure with WordPress. My goal during the August blog challenge is to post consistently everyday at about the same time. There have been a few times I have tried to work ahead and schedule posts out before writing or proofreading the content first. Then I forgot to finish it in time and my incomplete unedited post is public. PANIC! *face palm*

Scheduling blog tip: Don’t schedule your post until you are ready for everyone to read it.

I’m a new blogger myself. I would love to hear your tips and tricks. Continue the conservation by using #SWMBlogChallenge

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Life Verse

I struggle with anxiety which means I constantly have some level of anxiety weighing on me. In college, I found this verse.

Philippians 4:6 

It’s my reminder from God to pray about everything and that He is in control.

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Kicked up a notch!

A year ago I found the planner community. I fell in love with the colors, stickers, and organization. I began my search on Instagram by searching #planner. I quickly found a wide variety of planners.

I have used an agenda since middle school. I love color coding subjects and events. I especially loved if the school agenda came with stickers!

One of the first planners I found on my search was Plum Paper. I like how you can customize the front of the planner as well as buy add on inserts i.e. for your direct sales business.

The most popular planner I found was the Erin Condren. I love the layout of her planner along with the monogram covers. However, the price point was too high for me.

Then I found me and my Big Ideas Happy Planner. I fell in love with the disc system and bright colors. The layout is very similar to the Erin Condren life planner. I like how you can easily add new pages or take out months you aren’t using.

The first week I decorated

Happy Planners are 18 months and can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They have tons of unique accessories like stickers, a specific hole punch for the discs, and washi tapes that match the planner’s theme.

Last Fall I bought my first Happy Planner from Hobby Lobby. I was able to use the 40% off coupon and bought it for $15! Next I needed stickers. I took my search back to Instagram and used the #planner and #stickerobessed. Several planner girls tag the sticker shops in their photos.

CricketPaperCo’s Mystery kits come with tons of stickers

I buy most of my planner stickers from Etsy shops. Here are a few of my favorite sticker shops.

Cricket Paper Co


Planning Made Easy

Kiwi Speech

Kylie and Chaos

Sweet Pink Elephant

Sweet Kawaii Designs

Planning Made Perfect 

I usually sit down Sunday evenings to plan for the week ahead and decorate. It’s calming for me to listening to music or a YouTube video while planning my week.

The new 2016-2017 format

I have posted each weekly spread on my Instragram over the past year. Check those out at MsAmandaSmith11 

How do you stay organized? Do you use a planner? Share your planner at #SWMBlogChallenge

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My Favorite Pinterest Projects

I love Pinterest projects! I love pinning them to my boards. And I really love when they finally come to life!

This was my inspiration but I tweaked it a little and used wooden blocks. HERE


Painted Ball jars
My inspiration HERE


Cork heart
This is one my mother made for my wedding. You can find our inspriation HERE


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God made you YOU for a reason. He has a purpose and a plan for your life. What sets you apart from everyone else?

I have big eyes and I like them.

Funny story…This picture from my senior dinner in high school my eyes look huge! When I smile my eyes don’t squint or get smaller like most people. So one girl, not pictured, wanted to get a picture with me. We were friends but not close. After the picture was taken she looked at the small screen and said “we need to take another picture. Your eyes…” I said “okay.” So we take another picture and I look at the result with her this time. She said “Your eyes again.” I looked at the photo again and said “that’s how my eyes are. There’s nothing wrong with them.” At the time, I was offended and upset that she would complain about how my eyes were too open. Looking back 10 years later I have to laugh!

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