Name Your Day

//Be the type of person you want to meet\\

I like this quote. It reminds me to reevaluate my life to make sure I am the person I would like to meet. One way to keep that true is looking at your mind set.

I often feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed which impacts my mind set.  I realized I needed a change and found a challenge!

Naming your day is a positive thinking activity that shifts your mind set. Picking a positive word to help you get through the day.

1) Look at your schedule or plans for the day.

2) Pick a positive word that will help your focus on those tasks.

3) Write your word down. On a post-it note, on a mirror with a dry erase marker, create a background for your phone or desktop. Wherever you will see it throughout the day to remind yourself.

4) Check in with yourself later in the day to see if your word is still helping you. If not, add anything positive word.


Some extra tips:
*Start a list of positive words. Sometimes a word won’t come to mind easily so look through your list to assist. –I started my list in a journal but then moved it to my phone for easier access.

*I use the Monogram app and A Beautiful Mess app to create backgrounds for my phone and iPad.

*Write your word down in multiple places that you will see throughout the day. –your office, wallet, car, bathroom, nightstand, desktop, kitchen, etc.

*Remember to use the hashtag #NameYourDay on social media. Tag me as well @MsAmandaSmith11 I would love to see what you named your day!


–Let your light shine


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